"May Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary"
"The Realm of Forgotten Existence" - the final exhibition at The Granary Gallery in Berwick-upon-Tweed.
the realm of forgotten existence
"Last Object" series shown at MOK Gallery in Olsztyn as a part of "Still Lifes" group exhibition.
"Songs Poems Rituals" at MCSW ELEKTROWNIA. "FM A4" group exhibition.
"Ferie w Kadrze" - workshop idea and management.
BWA Olsztyn - "Urban Docu-fictions", group exhibition.
Screening of "Songs Poems Rituals" at the Museum of Oskar Kolberg in Przysucha.
Premiere of "Songs Poems Rituals" in Cultural Centre in Wieniawa.
Marta Stysiak's "Just Friends" - film documenting the event.
Supercharged. Talk with Sabina Sallis, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2012. Made for Artist Talk European Platform.
"Nature tots" - photo documentation for Scotswood Natural Community Garden, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
"Together we make the history" - exhibition of photo-archives of Wieniawa's inhabitants.
"Happened Here" - screened during Holocaust Memorial Day at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
"Happened Here" was screened in Lodz during "Media Travel Festival".
"Happened Here" - premiere screening in Wieniawa for people who took part in the film.
"Last Object"
"Songs Poems Rituals"
"Happened Here"