“Every man's memory is his private literature.”
― Aldous Huxley

In my artistic practise I draw ideas from phenomenological philosophy and focus on individuals and their stories in the belief that everyone has their own unique story which in a poetic way transcends the understanding of life in general.
I use the medium of film and photography as a tool to research and exploration. I gather my own data to determine the essential properties of the intentional object.
Working with people, in particular with elderly is hugely important and inspiring for me. I have deep respect and sentiment for ageing people. I am moved by simple conversation with them which make me realize that they are at the end of their journey and this perspective brings upon me a state of constant wonder.
I am impressed by how they can look at the present, through their experience and knowledge. I am fascinated by their memories of the past and how they can speak about the old days and their childhood as if it happened yesterday.
I know from my previous experience, that elderly people often like to speak about their stories repetitively and it often happens that closest relatives don't want to listen to them again and again. I can listen and observe, my camera can register it, I can edit it and transform it into a new narrative. This is a win-win situation, it is a story for a story, it’s turning a personal contact into a new visual experience.

I am inspired and influenced by works of Fiona Tan, by films of Bela Tarr, Carlos Reygadas. I love the cinematographer of Terrence Malick's films Emmanuel Lubezki.


Piotr Piasta